Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember November

The Formula
Laurie Anderson
Big Science
The Earons
Land of Hunger
The Tenants
Lesson Seven
The Colorbox
Just Give Em Wiskey
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Cuz its Hot
The Soft Boys
I got The Hots
Underwater Moonlight
The Shop Assistants
Its Up To You
Serious Japan (x rated mix)
William Shatner
Has Been
Cannonball (original direct to disc 12" version)
Captain of Her Heart (Jimmy M dub mix)
Cafe de Para mix
Jona Lewie
Love Detonator (ext vers)
The Postal Service
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Sleeping With Ghosts
Just Breathe (ext)
Heaven (here & now remix)
Jane Siberry
Everything Reminds Me of My Dog
Terry Jacks
Seasons in The Sun
Joan Osborne
What if God Was One of Us


Caravatti said...

Congratulations for your blog.
Visit my new blogs (indie, lo-fi, post-rock, psychedelic, twee, shoegaze, krautrock) and tell me what you think about it. Regards.

crashNburn said...

I see your posts on many 80s/CFNY forums. Good tunes on your blog here too. If you have any of the following albums from CFNY year end charts I would love to hear anything from following
1978 Chikkin'-Which Came First?
1979 Ray Materick-Fever In Rio
1979 FM-Surveillance
1980 Michaele Jordana-Romance At The Roxy
1980 Ben Mink-Foreign Exchange
1981 Walkie Talkies-Surveillance
1981 Masque-Camouflage
1987 Various Artists-In Demand
1988 Andrew Cash-Time & Place
1988 Big Bang-Big Bang
1994 King Cobb Steelie-Project Twinkle
1994 Sara Craig-Sweet Exhaust
1995 Rev-If The Colour Hurts
1996 Slowburn-Slowburn
1997 Change Of Heart-Steel Teeth
1999 The Miller Stain Limit-Radiate

Freg said...

I love your blog, this is great stuff, i was a CFNY fanatic when i lived in Toronto in the 70's.

To add to crashNburn's wish list, i would add Briam Plummer's fabulous LP "No Questions."

Dr.Progenstein Ph.P said...

@ CrashNburn...
You might enjoy my recent YouTube uploads ripped from my vinyl :)

Chikkin -


I'm Not A Sin/The Quitter/Martyr In Vinyl: