Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Missed December

Peter Murphy & Tom Waits
Christmas Sucks!
Slick Nick You Devil You!
Joe Pesci
if it Doesn't Snow on Christmas
Thurl Ravenscroft
You're a Mean One MR Grinch
In Memory of Eartha Kitt (who died this Xmas day)
Santa Baby

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alternative Lifestyles

Question is ....Do You Know The Differance!

Answer: Tim Curry is "Entertaining" to Watch!
Makes me think it must be very embarrassing to be "Busted" by a male Prostitue like dog!A racist who should not have been allowed back on the airwaves!
You will have to go to a "Pride day" parade to see as much black leather as the Dog family wears!A weak show at best.....It does display how much humanity has slid to give a poor show like that a rating!!!

Rejected "Dog The Bounty Hunter" themes

by Tom Robinson Band
Jet Boy Jet Girl

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Economics of Today

In these strange times of economic downsizing....Heres a few tracks That relate!
Seems odd people worry about something that they can't take with them!......
After all its ONLY money.....All loses can be replaced & no matter how bad it seems it could ALWAYS be worse!!!......The USA is in a down turn & the people are very worried , but just how much can one invest into a nation that seems more concerned for WAR & war like ways....Poor investment for anyone's money!!!
Money & Work & The Times! Related

Leisure Process - Cashflow
Million Dollar Mix
O Jays
For The Love of Money
BB Gabor
Metropolitan Life
Taking Care of Business
Jesus Wrote a Blank Cheque
No Dough
Flying Lizards
Money (thats what I want)
I Love Money
John Lennon
Working Class Hero
King Crimson
Easy Money
Living in a Box
Living in a Box
Robbie Nevil
Cest La Vie (ext)
Martha & The Muffins
Women Around The World at Work
Modest Mouse
Bankrupt on Selling
New Musik
Nobby Cleeg
Essay Me Dad
The Instructions
The Factory
Paul Simon
Peter Gabriel
Big Time (ext)
Pink Floyd
Slave to The wage (Les Rythmes mix)
Orginal version
Slow Version Remix
Common People
Shatner Version
Common People
Randy Newman
Its Money That I Love
Run Lola Run
The Supermarket(super clemek remix)
Working Man
The Clash
The Magnificent Seven
The Skids
Working For The Yankee Dollar
Stan (The Man) Ridgeway
KIng For A Day
The Godfaters
Birth School Work Death
What Do You Want From Life

Part one
Part Two

Saturday, October 4, 2008


And we all wondered why Microsoft was soo slow!
But theres always Firefox.........Firefox 2 worked great till they decided to improve it with Firefox 3.....Re-inventing the wheel

A Little Computer related tunes for ya

Computer World
Robotron mix

New Musik
Living By Numbers

The Extras

Mi Sex
Computer Games

Davinci's Notebook
Internet Porn

Karn Evil 9 3rd impression

First World Calling

Vicious Pink
My Private Tokyo

Close Circuit Connection

Forgotten Rebels
I'm in Love With The System